Production & Testing

Great care is taken to ensure all products included as part of the exclusive ROMAC WHEELS stable are of the highest possible quality and comply with various international testing and safety standards.

Production & Testing

Romac™ designs are produced in dedicated OE environments using Low Pressure Casting Technology. This production process allows reduced product weight whilst increasing overall impact/ tensile strength and is the primary production process for most OE manufacturers. All polished designs included in our collection also feature powder coated finishes as standard.

All products included in the Romac™ collection are tested in our own in house internationally certified facilities from the initial design process through every stage of production. All designs complete a series of rigorous testing ensuring our products, finishes & accessories are of premium OE quality.


Designed to replicate ‘real world’ conditions, the Impact Test involves weight loads being applied to the wheel both with and without tires and in various impact configurations. During the design process the high weight bearing sections of the wheel are identified and are subjected to additional testing. The leading focus of this test is to check for air retention and confirm structural design integrity.


Pitch Circle Diameter, or PCD as it is more commonly known is the configuration of the bolt/nut holes in the wheel. As one of the higher stress areas of the wheel PCD Tolerance is measured and sampled separately. The PCD Tolerance test involves the subject being fitted on a mounting hub where the studs are expanded replicating extreme stress and providing us with crucial safety data. This test is completed several times to ensure the accuracy of the results.


The Radial Fatigue test replicates load forces applied to a wheel during use. The Radial test is completed both with and without tires and with various weight configurations to simulate passengers & cargo. XL weight rated designs are also tested with commercial loads. The weight loads and forces used during this test are considerably more than ‘real world’ conditions and exceed all international standards with each subject completing a minimum of 200,000 revolutions.


Using many of the same procedures as the Radial and Impact tests, Cornering Fatigue analysis focuses directly on the structural performance of the wheel under extreme load stresses during cornering. Simulations are completed with various weight loads and road conditions to ensure the wheel is tested to conditions exceeding normal road use.


Historically air leak tests were conducted using water, today we test with Helium. Due to the chemical properties of helium it is a much more accurate test to ensure wheels are structurally sound and without potential leaks.


All Romac™ wheels and accessories are tested to withstand corrosion and salt water exposure. To replicate high salt road conditions, products are ‘misted’ in our finishing chamber at various exposure levels.


Our market leading paint finishes are achieved through aggressive durability testing and analysis. Paint impact tests are completed with projectiles and other road debris fired at the wheel at high velocity with damage and paint integrity data analysed ensuring all paint finishes included in our collection maintain our premium quality standard.

Our Products are manufactured in TUV Approved Factories

Our Products also feature JWL & VIA Approval

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